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Bezprzewodowa radiowizjografia KODAK RVG 6500 SENSOR

Dostępność: brak towaru
Cena: 24 500,00 zł 24500.00
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Proven Wi-Fi Technology

Now you can increase your convenience without sacrificing quality. Delivering the best in-class image quality and resolution (20lp/mm), the KODAK RVG 6500 Sensor is the first Wi-Fi solution with the same image quality as our best wired sensor. Because there is no wired connection, sensors can be easily moved from one operatory to the other. And, with its full set of holders and compact design, you can place the sensor exactly where you need it.

Fast, Reliable, User-friendly

• Faster image transfer for improved productivity
• Secured image transfer with no interference
• Wi-Fi technology provides complete mobility for the entire practice
• Sensors are automatically recognized by the Wi-Fi network without interrupting workflow

Easy to Integrate, Easy to Share

Ideal for even the most demanding diagnostic exams, the RVG 6500 System can be used in a variety of configurations—making it a versatile solution for single- as well as multi-chair practices.

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